IT Governance

  • Governance Reviews and Assessments
  • Governance Process Design and Implementation
  • Governance Tools Selection and Implementation
  • Interim Management if needed to ensure the changes take

Within the IT community debate rages today, as it has for several decades about whom or what is to blame for the sorry success rate of IT projects. Some maintain the answer is IT because they tend to be fixated on a technology regardless of the fit with the business problem or they can't execute large projects because most of their time and budget is spent on "support" work leaving them unprepared for major development efforts or for a plethora of other reasons. Some maintain the answer is the user community because they do not provide good requirements or change their minds or resist change and/or refuse to get adequately involved in the project until it is time to fire the system in anger the first time. In reality, be the failures by IT or user or both, the fundamental failure that in most cases leads inevitably to project failure and the aforementioned debate is the failure of organizations to provide effective governance of the IT processes and projects.

Governance is not management! Governance is put in place to ensure that management happens, accountability is defined and delegated, responsibility for support and/or development projects is appropriately shared between IT and the user communities, all efforts have an agreed upon plan and are being managed to that plan and finally that there is transparency relative to costs, schedules and outcomes. In the early days of IT the stock answer to the need for governance was to ensure that the CEO "owned" the project. That rarely worked then and it works even less frequently today. Most current CEO's have rather a lot of other things to do.

ITGP has extensive experience putting effective and efficient IT Governance processes and procedures together for companies of all sizes and cultures. While many of the principles are the same from company to company, as it is commonly noted "the devil is in the details". The size of the respective organizations, the perceived issues and the materiality of the potential impact on the entire organization are issues that must be factored into a solution. Also, many IT organizations are already thought of as overly bureaucratic and any solution designed to improve governance should adhere to the rule "first do no harm".

If your IT function has a history of failed projects, cost overruns, missed deadlines, excessive amounts of resources spent on keep-the-lights-on activities, IT Governance Partners can help you put in place processes and tools to turn that around. This is especially true today where companies want to use resources all over the globe for IT work. If an effective IT governance process is not in place now it won't get any better when it is spread across the globe or shipped off to an outsourcer. If you are thinking of outsourcing a broken IT function, please call ITGP first.