Interim IT Management

  • IT Alignment Reviews and Assessments
  • IT Strategy Reviews and Development
  • IT Organizational Analysis and Design
  • Evaluation of Outsourcing Opportunities
  • IT Efficiency/Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Portfolio Assessments

There are many situations where using Interim IT Management has been and will be valuable to clients of ITGP. Some examples of these are as follows:

  • Major change is required due to changed business circumstances, merger, divestiture or simply that the business can no longer afford the current level of expense;
  • A leadership position is vacant and needs to be filled immediately with an experienced hands-on manager who can keep the team functioning and together while resourcing of the permanent manager continues apace;
  • The business is operating in start-up mode;
  • Current management needs support with infrastructure, legacy mainframe systems, data center consolidation and/or infrastructure modernization;
  • The current manager requires mentoring in order to develop to the potential that the organization requires;
  • A project or undertaking requires skills and experience that are not available in the current organization and not expected to be a long term need;
  • Outsourcing; and
  • Development of professional services or consulting functions within product related companies.

ITGP meets these needs through the deployment of very experienced senior executives who have actual hands on experience at the CIO and Director levels of large and small companies. All of our associates have extensive people management experience working with diverse groups to effect necessary change. We have international experience and experience with international operations, development and support. Some of our associates have security clearances.

ITGP associates can operate as "contingent workers" and will accept DOA responsibility to the same levels as permanent hires.